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Attarintiki daredi Movie Leaked - Pwan Kalyan Attarintiki daredi Movie in YOUTUBE - Atharintiki Daredi Piracy News

One of the most awaiting movie in this season, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's upcoming big budget movie Attarintiki daredi is in Breaking News from morning onwards. Some unknown sources leaked ninety minutes of the movie online on YouTube and Movie selling in CD's just for Rs 25 in some places. With this News, Whole South Indian Cinema is shocked to hear the Breaking News about Attarintiki daredi and a case is filed by the producer of the movie.

In 82 years of Telugu cinema history, first movie leaked with out release. It is common that the piracy of films is released after the movie is released. But the new movie was leaked online even before it hit the theatres  it is said that the CD’s of the leaked film are being sold in southern Andhra Pradesh.Attarintiki Daredi is made with a production cost of nearly Rs. 40 crores.

Though there is no information about the persons who has leaked Attarintiki Daredi online, it is believed that the some people in the post production team are responsible for this.  The online links of the movie are being deleted as the Film Chamber responded fast.  A case is filed with the police.  Earlier, few dialogues of the movie were also released online on YouTube.  It is requested that if any person finds the piracy links of the movie, the information should be sent to legal@apfilmchamber.com

Telugu movie industry is requesting people not to encourage downloading the film online and fight piracy.  They also requesting to fans of Pawan Kalyan to help catch the people behind it.  Piracy not only causes loss to the producer but also to hundreds of persons who are behind the making of the film.

TvSerialsOnline TEAM Strongly supports Anti-Piracy and Let us support Mr. BVSN Prasad in these dark moments. Kill Piracy. Save Telugu Film Industry. Lots of people effort is there in making one movie.

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