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MogaliRekulu Serial Final Episode - Mogali Rekulu Serial Episodes 01 to 1368 - Special Story on Mogalirekulu Serial

MogaliRekulu Daily Serial May 24th Friday 05-24-2013 Episode 1368

Mogalirekulu Serial Final Episode - Climax of MogaliRekulu Serial

Director Manjula Niadu, In One word about her past serials… 

Ruthuragalu: Found a good friend in Roopa. 

Kasturi: Made me realise that I can make murder mysteries. 

Kalachakram: Realised what a good actress Shruti is and that she could portray any emotion. 

Aatmayeelu: Learnt to be sensitive and respond to the needs of the society.

Chakravakam: Brought the sisters closer. 

Mogali Rekulu : My ambitions have really sky-rocketed.

Yes, she is absolutely correct, In these days one movie completing 100 days is not at all easy, at the same time completing 1000 episodes with increasing audience day by day on Television Screen, running with superb screenplay and outstanding actors performance. Completing 1368 episodes is not at all impossible because each and every episode must attract to audience and even total Mogalirekulu team succeeded in this. 

This success credit totally goes to Director Manjula Naidu and writer Bindhu Naidu. They both creates as history in Telugu Television Screen with their serials especially with Ruthragalu and Mogalirekulu. Two serials is mile stones to TV Serial lovers and even remaining serials also loved by every one.Coming to Mogalirekulu, each episode of Mogali Rekulu is on and the viewers are glued to their television sets. The episode promises the thrill of a roller-coaster ride. From the very first episode which is started on February 18, 2008 of its premiere to till 1368 Episode on May 24, 2013 the serial has been a roaring success and the journey also will continue till 1368 episodes with their amazing screenplay. 

When we asked Bindhu Naidu, about the success secret of Mogalirekulu… She simply smiled and said “I am not done with the story yet. There is so much to say…” and even captain of the ship (Mogalirekulu) Director Manjula Naidu said that “That is very different from the kind of serials that are aired today. Right now what is telecast is mostly very raw and blatant. That really saddens me,” who has been a member of the Central Board of Film Certification. 

TvSerialsOnline Wishes all the best and Congrats to Mogalirekulu team on their 1368 episodes successful journey and hope next serial "Sravana Sameeralu" will creates new history on Indian Television Screens. We request some people don’t try to comment badly on Mogalirekulu because its an hard work of team and with out this serial some people don’t have even jobs(Technicians….Editors…e.t.c) keep the interest alive in the daily soap, season after season…. 

Journey is going on with..... Sravana Sameeralu

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  1. Created by: Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
  2. Written by: Bindu Naidu
  3. Directed by: Manjula Naidu
  4. Theme music composer: Bunty
  5. Opening theme: Mogali Rekulu
  6. Country of origin: India
  7. Original language(s): Telugu
  8. Producer(s): Sudhakar Pallamala, Shashank Pallamala
  9. Camera setup: Baba
  10. Running time: 15-20 minutes
  11. Broadcast Original channel: Gemini TV
  12. Original run: February 18, 2008 – May 24, 2013.
  13. Number of Episodes : 1368
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